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Before the arrival of Father Charlie Vere Nicoll in 2002, the Church depended entirely on the visiting priests who so faithfully and beautifully served St Bartholomew’s for many years.

These visits lasted for 2 to 4 weeks each year and the tradition still continues.  The Right Reverend Theodore Eastman, retired Bishop of Maryland, was responsible for many years for organising the rota, for which the Church will always be extremely grateful.  You can read more about the much-missed 'Bishop Ted' by clicking here.

Father Charlie was our Parish Priest for 14 wonderful years, and both visitors and the island community packed the church to hear his poignant sermons and feel the holy spirit move.  He was joined by Charles Darden in his role as music director, who played his own very specail blend of traditional church music mixed with both jazz and gospel.

Since Father Charlie's retirement, the role of visiting priests has now evolved for them to be our "Priests-in-Residence" and they work with our Priest-in-Charge, Father Terrence Rawlins, based on our neighbouring island of St Martin, and Philip Trangmar, our Lay Reader and Parish Administrator.

Our Priests-in-Residence hail from the United States, Canada and Great Britain and assist in the worship of the church and to offer even greater spiritual depth, breadth and diversity.

We are immensely grateful to all those who wish to continue to serve our Church Community.


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