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Our Team

Our Bishop - The Rt Revd L. Errol Brooks, Bishop of the North East Caribbean and Aruba.
Bishop Brooks is one of the few Bishops in the world who not only runs his Diocese but also continues as Parish Priest on his home island of Anguilla. Our Diocese is operated out of Antigua and is part of the Anglican Province of the West Indies.




Priest-in-charge (Vicar) - The Venerable Terrence Rawlins  
Archdeacon Rawlins is the Parish Priest for the island of St Martin, where he has two parishes - one on the Dutch side and one on the French side.  He is also the Priest-in-Charge for St Barthololmew's Anglican Church on St Barts.  He is assisted in this by a number of Priests-in-Residence who come to St Bartholomew's for 2 to 3 weeks during the year. 



Former Priest-in-charge - The Revd Chalrie Vere Nicoll   
Father Charlie was our Parish Priest for 13 years prior to his reitrement in 2016. He still lives on the island and has stepped in to assist and resume celebrating Mass in the Church, and for our 'virtual' online services, during the Coivid-19 crisis, when we have been unable to resume our full visiting priest programme. 




Parish Administrator & Lay Reader

Philip Trangmar - Philip is our Parish Administrator as well as a member of the Vestry.  He has lived full-time on the Island since 2007. Before that he spent time working as a lawyer and banker in the City of London.  After leaving the UK in 1998, he re-qualified as a medical doctor and has worked in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as Madagascar.  He also helps out with the Computer and IT side of the Church and is the Editor of The Anchor - our Parish magazine.   Philip is also a keen croquet player and is always happy to pass on his skills during matches held on Sundays in the Church grounds throughout the High Season.  Philip's contact details are HERE.

The Wardens

Marjorie RomneyMarjorie Romney – Marjorie has been a Church Warden for many years. She was baptised and confirmed in the Church. She grew up taking care of the church and doing all things which needed to be done.  She works tirelessly in the service of the church and is a pivotal part of our community.  Marjorie arranges the flowers on Sundays and helps decorate the church for other special occasions.  She woked as a cashier for many years then in the accounting department, before retiring in 2015. She is also a volunteer member of the St Barts Red Cross.


Trinette Wellesley-Wesley – Trinette plays a very central part in the church activities. She serves as the facilitator for the Meditation Group and has a lifelong experience of spiritual journeying. Originally a Roman Catholic nun, Trinette also helps in running our Children’s education programme.



Dr Richard Lester - Richard joined our Vestry in 2014.  Richard, a retired Opthalmic Surgeon, has a long association with the island, having had a property here since 1999.  Richard, and his partner Willem, divide their time between St Barts, and also New York and Amsterdam, always taking with them their Norfolk Terrier, Sebastiaan! 



AlexAlex Harbord - Alex took over the position of treasurer several years ago. Additionally, she helps with all the administrative functions of the church including church accounts. Alex also works as Fr Charlie’s PA.



The Vestry Council

We continue to develop the breadth and width of the Vestry and are always looking for people who would be interested in serving in this way.

Currently, the Vestry Council consists of our Priest, our three Wardens, our Parish Administrator, and our Treasurer plus:

ClariClarion Romneyon Romney - Clarion is head of the Altar guild, which lays out the altar ahead of the Sunday Service.  Clarion was born on Anguilla and moved to St Barts as a child.  She lived in the United States for many years where she was a teacher in Brooklyn, New York for over 20 years, as well as working as a Nurse’s Aid.  Following her retirement in 1999, she returned to St Barts, and now devotes a great deal of time to the church’s overall welfare.


Lloyd YLloyd Youngerounger - Lloyd and his wife Patricia are Canadians, who have been regular visitors to St Barts since 1985. Called to the Ontario Bar in 1975, Lloyd spent his career with the Canadian Department of Justice. Since his retirement in 2006, he has been spending progressively more time on the island, as well as continuing to serve in the voluntary sector. Fluently bilingual, he sings and plays music at his local church in Canada; and when he is on-island, he plays guitar for our Sunday Services and is also a keen member of La Chorale de Bons Choeurs.

Dawn Drouant - Dawn, a native of Louisiana, was a trained pharmacist when she first visited St Barts on vacation.  She fell in love with the island and a local ‘pirate’ – who is now her husband! Dawn looks after her home on the island, her three lovely children and a veritable farm of animals.  Until recently, Dawn volunteered as an English teacher at one of the local schools and has run a villa management business on the island for the last 15 years.  She sees Church as a place for all creeds to come together and give thanks for all the blessings that God gives us.

Nancy Swann - Nancy joined the Vestry in 2014. She and her husband David spend a lot of time on the island, having first visited in 1971. They also live in Asheville, NC and have two sons who live in Atlanta, GA with their families. Nancy can be found polishing brass, arranging flowers or generally helping out in any way she can.


Music at the Church

Director of Music: Ombeline Collin - Ombeline is a classically trained violinist, having begun playing the violin at the age of three under the Suzuki method. She continued her studies in France and Canada, where she obtained her Masters. Passionate about teaching, she currently teaches violin at the St Barth Harmony School. Since arriving in St Barts she has become our Director of Music.  Ombeline is also involved introducing children to music at the Primary School in Gustavia. Her contact details can be found HERE.

Church Pianist: Michael Parisot - Michael studied music at University, whilst at the same time taking exams to teach piano at the Conservatories of Besançon and Nice.  After spending time in Martinique, Michael came to St Barth in 2003 to work as a teacher at the Secondary School.  Michael started playing at St Bartholomew's in the summer of 2014.  He also is in charge of La Chorale, our local community choir, which puts on a lively concerts in the Church. 

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