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Our Mission

The Church’s mission on the island is to reach out to the whole community - which encompasses full and part-time residents, both English and French speaking, as well as all our visitors. 

In this way we can demonstrate the embrace of God, the compassion of Jesus Christ, and the mysticism of the Holy Spirit. 

Our goals are:

- to welcome and engage with all who enter through our Church doors and in the wider community and to partner across boundaries

- to value and respect difference and to enable a culture in our Church and our community where 'Everyone and Everything belongs'

- to encourage those who are seeking spiritual direction

- to support and encourage those attracted to the Christian way

- to grow in our own faith and understanding and show joy in God's creation

- to find a path to the eternal God, through Jesus, whose love and forgiveness continue to be revealed through the Holy Spirit

- to work with and for all members of our island community, as well as to reach out to the larger world, giving tangible witness to God's divinity and grace

- to minister to those in need of compassion or comfort and demonstrate God's justice and mercy to all his people on this Earth

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