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The 1855 Appeal

A Successful Fundraising -  Merci à Tous

The 1855 Appeal was launched in February 2015 to raise €430,000 to refurbish the Church and the Vicarage. We are pleased to announce that we have now received pledges and donations to reach this total. Father Charlie, the Vestry and all those connected with the Church are immensely grateful for the generosity of our friends and supporters.

The plans are currently being submitted to the Collectivité by our Architect, and we expect to have approval by the end of the year. The works will commence in May/June 2016 and will involve closing the church for several months. During that time, as it will be during Low Season, we will hold our regular services in the Church Centre.

You may still donate to the 1855 Appeal, and any monies not used for the refurbishment works will form part of an endowment for the continued upkeep of the Church buildings. 

Below and on the following pages are more details about the Appeal ...

Letter from Father Charlie Vere Nicoll,  Vicar

Our Church has come a long way over the past 160 years.  It has survived changes of  island government; World Wars and many Hurricanes - always providing a strong and welcoming spiritual haven to all who enter through its doors.

This has especially been the case in recent years when we have seen our congregation during the High Season grow and grow, and our outreach into the local community continue to develop. 

But this growth and development comes at a cost.  To continue the Church’s role for our increasing congregation and our position in the community, we must ensure that our buildings and the fixtures are maintained in good condition and are up-to-date. 

This is why the Vestry, in conjunction with our Friends US Foundation, has decided to launch The 1855 Appeal.  The appeal is split into two parts: to refurbish the Church and also to update the Vicarage.

We realise how much the Church means to so many of you - just the way it is now.  That is why we are undertaking this project with the motto - Building on Tradition

These web pages - Church & Vicarage and How to Give - will explain how we hope to achieve this goal.

With Blessings, Charlie

A letter from Bill Barrett, Chairman of the Friends

The goal of the 1855 Appeal is to raise €430,000 to cover the complete refurbishment of the Church, which has needed to been done for some time, and to improve the Vicarage, to bring the accommodation into line with modern standards.

The Church refurbishment will include  renewing much of the wood inside the Church, replacing the roof with shingle tiles, repairing the exterior stonework and replacing the electrical wiring, as well as installing a new sound system.

In addition, it has become apparent that the rooms in the Vicarage, built over 40 years ago, have become outdated and we would like to offer our visiting clergy, who bring so much to the Church, improved and updated accommodation. 

We are extremely fortunate in having already received pledges from members of our congregation and friends totalling €215,000, which will match donations from contributors to The 1855 Appeal - this represents 50% of the total amount which we are trying to raise.

Please consider donating to The 1855 Appeal and help make St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church ready for the next 40 years  - to take it to 2055 and beyond.

Yours truly, Bill Barrett

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